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Honesty Research is interested in the wide range of complex relationships and interactions between human beings, commerce, the performance and development of organisations, sustainability, and interactions with the environment.

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Email: bill.satchell@hotmail.co.uk

Our activities cover a spectrum ranging from physical investigation, evaluations, philosophical and logical analysis, gathering and measuring opinions and attitudes, and assessing the effectiveness of strategies, development programmes, policies and protocols. We can review a moral, legal or policy framework at one extreme or we can measure people's views and attitudes about such policies at the other extreme. Or we can do both.

Our mission is to improve understanding of how and why people, businesses and systems behave in the ways that they do, particularly where measurable variables influence that behaviour. We observe, record and analyse behaviour patterns, elicit relevant opinions through questionnaires and interviews, and then draw conclusions to inform particular hypotheses or theories.

Honesty Research is headed by Dr. Bill Satchell B.Sc., MBA, Ph.D., MCMI, who has spent many years undertaking research projects gathering views of stakeholders and interest groups and then analysing and quantifying the findings. Behaviour patterns often reflect the physical context in which they occur, but they are rarely dictated by it. Distinct groups tend to have different 'perspectives' despite similar circumstances, so our role is often to gather and evaluate many disparate views and match them to profiles of particular interest groups. A typical objective is then to recommend and describe outcomes or interventions that will best serve the organisation as a whole or the wider community in sustainable, environmentally-friendly, ways.

Decisions often need to be made about how, exactly, business processes, procedures, development programmes or environments might be improved, changed or reconfigured for the greater good and for the long term. Our expertise is in synthesising and analysing qualitative and quantitative data obtained directly from respondents and indirectly from other published research so that, ideally, a consensus can be reached in support of a particular way forward.