honesty research



Our services cover a spectrum of activities ranging from the physical to the philosophical. For example, services include undertaking targeted literature searches, evaluating development programmes, analysing statistics, reviewing established protocols, examining the human motivation behind certain behaviours, measuring characteristics of an environment and then evaluating how people respond to that environment. Methods typically include designing and distributing questionnaires, and/or undertaking a series of interviews with respondents and/or carrying out surveys and physical measurements.

Our outputs are in the form of reports, diagrams, photographs, videos, charts, graphs, physical models, 3D computer models and statistical trend analyses. Outputs are both hard copy and electronic files in standard formats (e.g. pdf).

Honesty Ltd. aims to use the most appropriate, simplest methods for communicating ideas and for influencing hearts and minds. For example, stakeholder meetings or full-blown 'Workshops' are sometimes organised as the best means of achieving consensus amongst disparate groups where complex matters are concerned. For more general presentations we prefer to develop arguments from first principles, using graphics and photographs rather than too much text. We aim to help clients to succeed with their ambitions, their policies and their requirements by using high quality communications and graphic explanations.