honesty research



Testimonials are important to give confidence to new and potential clients. But discretion is crucial to many of our existing clients. So rather than publicise accolades, we prefer to say that if you need testimonials or references we will be happy to request them for you when we know your exact requirements and your detailed aspirations.

To put this in context, we consider it inappropriate to quote existing client names at pre-qualification stage or in fee tender situations. We judge that using testimonials for publicity can undermine existing relationships and may breach the terms of consultancy agreements.

However, we can say that traditionally the majority of our workload has been funded by the public sector in one way or another, sometimes involving confidentiality agreements and/or strict adherence to the Official Secrets Act and the Public Contracts Regulations. Honesty Ltd has worked with local government, central government (Home Office) and the police. Recent research has involved public consultation exercises gathering reactions to a major project in the South Wales Valleys. Other recent work has involved the distillation of multiple complex, technical and operational views in order to derive a detailed specification and a comprehensive brief for a multi-million pound development for a police force in Wales.